Adelaide Testing

Request for a tester to be sent to Adelaide from ILS (Brisbane)

Due to the increase in demand for the ISLPR test, ISLPR Language Services now accepts requests to conduct tests in locations where we do not have a permanent centre established. Guided by our Permanent Presence Temporary Centre policy, we have now established temporary centres in Sydney, Adelaide and Auckland. As per our policy, if there is enough demand in a city, we will send a tester interstate or overseas to conduct ISLPR tests over a number of days. There is an additional cost (variable) charged on top of the test fee to cover the cost of sending a tester interstate/overseas. Before applying for an exam at one of our temporary centres, all candidates must read and familiarise themselves with the PPTC guidelines.

Test Categories

There are three different categories of tests:

  1. Academic
  2. Professional
  3. Vocational

If you are not sure which form to select, please read our blog post: “What is the difference between an Academic, Professional and Vocational Test?”. If you are still unsure, send an email to our Administrative Officer or phone +61 (0)7 3420 0806.

Please DO NOT use our online system to book a test in Melbourne. All bookings for Melbourne can be made through the ISLPR® Victoria website here.

Teacher/Prof. Registration Test

We have developed an approach to testing that focuses on the English language used by teachers in their roles as practitioners and professionals in Australian society. The focus is especially on your practical ability in using English.

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Academic Test

The academic test is for candidates wishing to take a test to gain entry into an academic program (e.g. university or other educational institutions).

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Vocational Test

The vocational test is designed for candidates wishing to take a test for vocational purposes other than teaching. The focus is especially on your practical ability in using English.

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COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the way we do business. We are a Brisbane based company that travels to conduct the ISLPR test in different locations. We’ve been keeping up-to-date with advice from the Queensland Government and South Australian Government to ensure we can recommence testing in Adelaide when it is safe to do so.

Due to the pandemic and the ever-changing circumstances, we are unable to confirm future travel dates beyond what is listed. We will provide updates when new dates are confirmed.

To be kept up to date with testing in your city, click the following link and register your details using the form on the page:

We offer tutorials online to help develop your English skills before taking the test. Click here to learn more.